Changing Your Mindset and Belief Leads to Success

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It can be a challenge to create a healthy balance between mental and physical fitness. So many environmental factors make it difficult to develop healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. For years I struggled in finding a balance that suited me. I did not give my body the attention and energy that it needed to improve, and as a result my mental health suffered. In my last blog post I explained how I came to discover The Secret. This book transformed my outlook on life, and inspired me to make the changes I needed in order to achieve mental and physical fitness, as well as professional success.


In The Secret, author Rhonda Byrne explains to readers the law of attraction, and how the power of positive thought can bring positive things into our lives. According to The Secret, thought controls the universe, and through the law of attraction you “manifest” the things you want. This concept really resonated with me; I changed my mind and I began to see other changes in my life. Here I want to share some of my best tips for improving you mentality, in order to achieve your fitness goals:

Get on Board


To really understand the power that your thought has on your life, and to truly believe in the law of attraction, I highly recommend reading (or watching) The Secret. This is the first step to establishing a healthy mental/physical balance. The book is loaded with examples of how to implement changes in your routine, as well as dozens of real-life success stories. For me, this book completely changed the direction my life was headed. If you really want to discover your own version of success, this is your starting point.

Dress for Success


Michael Jackson told us to take a look at ourselves and make a change. The old adage tells us, “Dress not for the job you have, but the job you want.” These quotes can easily be applied to your fitness goals. If you want to rock your workout, put on a gym outfit that makes you feel good. Buying a new muscle tee or pair of leggings that you’re excited to wear can be that extra push you need to get into gym mode. It’s all about shifting your mentality. The confidence that comes along with putting on a workout outfit you love, provides a little extra boost to run that extra mile, or do an additional five reps. When you look good, you feel good; and when you feel good, you perform better.  

Find a Friend


Committing to a fitness routine is so much easier when you find an accountability partner. It can be easy to give up on your fitness goals if you are going alone; when you partner up, you have an extra reason to show up, as well as a cheerleader on your side. Not only does sharing goals with a friend increase your likelihood to commit to a fitness regiment, a friend provides emotional and mental support. Planning a standing gym meetup, or incorporating physical activities into already-social elements of your life, can help to establish a mental/physical fitness balance.

Do Your Research


I firmly believe that everyone should form their own unique fitness path. Learning about alternative techniques to evolving your mental and physical health is key to developing your own routine. For example, research suggests that Tai Chi has massive positive implications for both mental and physical fitness. Seeking out practices that incorporate mind and body, such as tai chi, yoga, or qigong, and finding a place for them in your fitness routine can make all the difference in establishing mental/physical balance.

Get Inspired

Sometimes, learning of others’ successes can be the push we need to make our own progress. Here are a few fitness journeys that are truly inspirational: 

Using The Law of Attraction and Belief 

Why You Don't Succeed: Millennial Story 

Fitness Motivation: Featuring The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many more motivational speakers 

Tom Brady: A Dreamer




Based on my experiences, positive thinking can undoubtedly produce positive results. For me, that meant achieving physical and mental health. I hope to inspire others to achieve their goals, and find success in all aspects of their life. If The Secret changed your life, or if you’ve found other successful inspiration for working towards your goals, I’d love to hear about it. Let’s continue this journey together.


Live Fit. Be Fit.










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