Fitsterlife: A Millennial Age Dream

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Welcome to FitsterLife, where I hope to inspire and motivate others to live their best life, and forge their own unique path, through health and fitness. My name is Ryan, and I am the founder and owner of this unique lifestyle brand! Prior to starting FitsterLife I struggled to find my calling. I lacked a passion for the career path I had chosen, and I was wrestling with depression. For years I was searching for a career that empowered me and allowed me to help and motivate others in a real way.  At the time, I was the one who really needed motivation. I seemed to always find relaxation and motivation when it came to athletics and my fitness. I scoured the internet for months watching motivational speeches and highlight films of my favorite athletes. I finally came across something truly amazing; I discovered the book The Secret [link:] by Rhonda Byrne at a used book store.  I recognized the name of the book from Conor Mcgregor (2-Division UFC Champion/multi-sport athlete) whose recent rise to fame had astonished me. This book inspired me to let go of the negativity that was holding me back, take charge of my life, and begin to discover and follow my dreams.  I have a long way to go, but I am finally happy to be living the life I wanted and not the life others wanted.

As many young boys do, I had always loved the idea of becoming a professional athlete. Many of my aspirations have always revolved around fitness and physical health. I started to explore the wide variety of exercise and fitness options that existed: bodybuilding, CrossFit [link:], mixed martial arts, and most recently calisthenics. Each of these provided a different outlet and helped me along my journey. Discovering new exercises and activities left me feeling rejuvenated and motivated to inspire others. I thought that if I could turn fitness into a career, and help others at the same time, that I would be living my dream.  

As I was exploring all of these different fitness regiments, I learned that what motivates one person, does not necessarily work for everyone else. As I mentioned before, everyone is on their own unique path. I knew that achieving physical fitness and incorporating it into a lifestyle could have a strong positive impact, not just physically, but mentally as well for others. I wanted to help others find a way to express themselves through fitness and achieve a happy healthy lifestyle that they could maintain. Enter: FitsterLife.

I started FitsterLife as a sort of counter-culture to traditional world of physical fitness.  I want to encourage others to be themselves, don’t be afraid to be different, develop a happy lifestyle that you are excited about, and ultimately be a fitness hipster: fitster.

The goal of FitsterLife is to create a place where anyone can learn how to create their own fitness path. Working toward physical health, helped me to achieve stronger mental health, and take large strides in realizing happiness. FitsterLife aimed to inspire and motivate others to make that same change; find your dream and make it a reality, as well as attaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. If you’ve ever faced challenges that feel impossible to overcome, FitsterLife is here to inspire you, and help you learn how you can get to a point of happiness, by improving and staying true to yourself.

If you’ve struggled like I have, I’d love to hear your story.  The journey is still long ways away for myself and for FitsterLife.  But, I hope this will spark the beginning of a movement. Leave a comment, or just subscribe to follow along. Join me on this journey. Become a part of the movement!

Live Fit. Be Fit.


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