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The most important element in life is water.  You are suppose to drink up to 8 glasses of water each day, even more if you are physically active.  We all need water, and we need it all day long.  A simple change in the way you drink your water can change your whole life.  No one really thinks about how complex drinking water can be.  How much plastic from water do we throw away on a daily basis?  If you are drinking the recommended amount of water each day then around 8 plastic bottles per person are thrown away per day.  If you only get your water from plastic bottles you are throwing away and average of 2,920 plastic bottles away each year.  A report by the Planet Aid Organization estimates only 34% of Americans recycle their waste.  Out of those 2,920 bottles, only about 1/3rd or 992 bottles of them are recycled on average.  If you can change the way you drink water, you can help save the environment and make your life more convenient.  

Everyone drinks their water differently.  Some people like water with a lemon in it or a cucumber.  Others prefer it fused with fruit, or some only drink it ice cold.  Some people drink a large amount of fluids during an intense workout or a long run.  Some prefer a bottle they can take to work and to the gym.  Many take a bottle on a long run, hike, or bike ride.  Well, I am here to tell you all these situations can be covered and more.  You can save the environment and make your life easier by choosing the right type of water bottle. 

The way you drink your water is a lifestyle.  We drink it everyday, so everyone has different needs.  Some don't like only drinking water, and we have solutions for that too.  

At FITSTERLIFE, we have created a cheat sheet for you with a list of our current water bottles we are selling.  Each bottle has 9-10 personality traits or characteristics that are closely related to that specific bottle.  Circle or highlight all of the traits that match your personality or needs. 

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English Girl



Strict on Diet


Loves Fashion


Likes Flavor

Loves Smoothies


Likes Durability


Likes to add fruit to Water

Uses the Blender Often


Enjoys the Nicer Things in Life


Enjoys Cucumber Water

Needs to mix or blend most drinks


Drinks Hot and Cold Drinks


Likes Fusing different flavors together

Likes to blend protein shakes


Has a Desk Job/May Sit for Long Hours


Active Lifestyle and Likes to Take Drink to the Gym or on the Go

Mixes Frozen Fruit or Ice Often


Works Out At Home


Prefers Freshness

Often in a Hurry


Enjoys Yoga or Pilates


Typically throws a slice of lemon in water

Doesn’t Like Bulky Products




Doesn’t Like Bulky Objects

Enjoys Conveniency


Prefers Coffees and Teas


On the Go a lot



Glass Over Plastic


Enjoys Biking






Forever Fused





Likes a lot of fruit in their drinks


Enjoys Simplicity


Often Running or Biking

Strict on Diet


Drinks a lot of tea or coffee


Spends most time outside

Drinks a moderate to large amount


Likes Elegant Designs


Sweats Easily

Needs a Durable On the Go Solution


Loves European Culture


Likes Cold Water

Loves Fusing Flavors


Enjoys to bring Juice or Milk on the Go


Enjoys to poor water on head to cool down

Often on the Go


Brings a Drink to Work Often


Loves Showers

Doesn’t like spills


Enjoys Nice Things


Works Outside

Likes Dependability and Security


Works Out in Peaceful Environments


Finding self wetting hair often

Often puts whole pieces of Fruit in their Drink


Dresses to Impress


Marathon Runner/Biker










The Medic

Avid Gym Goer


Likes Innovation


Drinks a lot of Water

Drinks a lot of Protein Shakes


Puts Large Amounts of Fruits in Drinks


Doesn’t like big bottles

Uses Powders and Pre-workout mixers


Loves Drinks Ice Cold


Takes supplements/vitamins/medicine daily

On the Go Often


Loves Multitasking devices like iPhone


Likes Storage Compartments

Likes to have a large capacity


On the Go Often


Likes Simple Design

Enjoys Smoothies


Can’t Stand Warm Drinks


Likes things to be Convenient

Heavy Lifter


Must Love Fruit


Likes Organization

Can Drink a Large amount of Fluids


Enjoys Cleanliness and Security


Someone who uses a Daily Planner

Often in a Hurry


Enjoys a Variety


Likes Cost Efficiency



Likes Outdoors/Indoors


Uses Reminders on Calendar or Phone Often

The Millennial







Drinks lots of water



Doesn’t Like to Waste


Need for large capacity



Enjoys Puns


Body Builder



Likes Positive Messages


Outdoors Type



Enjoys Trends


Often Hiking or Camping



Likes Coffee


Travel a lot for Sports



Drinks Hot and Cold Drinks


Conditioned Athlete On Field for Long Periods of Time



Often Traveling


Drinks water for a long period of time in one day





Typically sharing with others



Prefers Easily Washable Items


Like Durability and Toughness



Needs Durability


Often thirsty





Pick the (2) Categories with the highest amount of characteristics chosen

The following amount of characteristics will show the level of need for your chosen water bottles. 

1-  Will be useful, but not life changing 

2- Your lifestyle will be a little more convenient 

3 -Your lifestyle will be better with this product.

4- You will notice a positive change in your lifestyle immediately 

5- Your lifestyle will feel significantly more manageable and convenient on a daily basis 

6-7- This product will drastically improve your time, convenience, and happiness

8+ Item should already be in checkout


Remember, there always can be more than one solution to your hydration needs.  This is why we recommend picking two of your highest scored bottles.  Each bottle can fit a specific need.  Not only will you be helping yourself, but you will be saving the environment by eliminating the use of throw away bottles. 

A simple change can help manage your time better, create better organization, and most importantly keep you healthy.  Remember to drink lots of water.  At least 8 glasses a day, will help keep the doctor away.  Until next time my Fitsters.  


Live Fit. Be Fit.












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